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I have a Luger that I paid $400 for about 10 years ago, I really don't know much about Lugers but here is the best description of all the markings that I can find on it:

I would guess that the condition is 95% to 98%. I do not see any wear on the blueing at all. It doesn't look like it has been reblued, the ejector is a light brown color.

Bottom of Barrel - near receiver is the SN 3543 with 8,81 under that. Also near the muzzle, along the bottom of the barrel, something very tiny is stamped that I cannot make out - maybe importers mark?

Right side of the barrel has a very small Nazi Eagle.

End of frame close to the barrel - SN 3543 and what looks like the letter "C" in cursive, with a "tail" on it.

Right side of frame near the barrel is what looks like three eagles, the first two have the numbers 135 under them - the third one it the Nazi Eagle.

The left side of the frame near the barrel is the SN 3543. The left side has the number 43 on several parts. Right under the toggel is P.08, the word Gesichert is right at the safety switch (in yellow or light brown)

The top has the number 42 at the chamber and the number 43 on the extractor and on the toggle along with the letters "byf". Right in front of the trigger in the lower frame is a mark that I cannot make out - looks like 88 or 00 or oo.

The magazine has an alumineum end with the number "1" and the SN 3543. The second mag has a wooden end and has no markings.

I have taken some pictures but they are so large in size (about 1MB) and I can't figure out how to reduce the size. When I figure it out, I will attempt to post those pictures.

Any help on identifying the pistol would be appreciated. My email address is [email protected]

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