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Help needed to identifie pistols

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Is there anybody can tell me, which pistols are shown on the pics?
I decide, this one shows an FN 1910. Am i wright?

Download Attachment: Bild1.jpg

Her I decide it could be a Star Mod.1. What do you think?

Download Attachment: Bild2.jpg
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I believe you are correct on the first one. I don't know enough about the second second pistol to identify it. I would be interested in seeing the whole pictures.

Haben Sie vielleicht bilder die das FN 1922 zeigen? :)
I agree with the first one, Fn 1910. Not sure on the second one but it does look like the photo of a Model one on page 560 of Handguns of the World by Ezell. Has the basic shape of the Model one and Jo-Lo-Ar (I would think you could see the cocking lever if a Jo-Lo-Ar).
I would also like to see the whole photos if you get a chance.
So here are the "whole" pics.
if you click on the pic it gets bigger ! Hope you´ll like them

Download Attachment: fn1910.JPG.jpg

Download Attachment: starmod1.JPG.jpg
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Great photos! There are two other pistols in the background of the bottom photo. I'll take a shot at them. The one being held down by the leg by the trigger guard...FN 1900? The one in the background...Beretta 1934/1935? OK, how far off am I?
Thanks for sharing the photos.
Yes, thanks for sharing the pics. It looks like the bottom photo is a group of Luftwaffe officers. I have some photos of Luftwaffe personnel at shooting practice but none using handguns.
Yes ! The one in front is an FN 1900. The other one is hardly to identifie. Anyway I Think, that the picture shows members of Waffenamt or maybe Waffenwerkstätten which are testing pistols in 7,65mm Br.Anyone gets anther idea? I own another pic of an Luftwaffen Member shown shooting practice with an P 38. If it woul be from interst I will post it as well. You can take it for personal use but only for non-commercial reasons. Just post or Email. or visit
I Think that you are right on the pistols in the back ground.

The pistol in front is a Walther-Olympia-Jägerschafts-Pistole in Cal. .22.

Walther-Olympia? I never would have guessed that one!!
Hallo Fritz !
I´ve found a picture of the Walther Olympia and as I mentionend the weapon above can´t be one. Especially the barrel of the Walther pistol is much longer as it is on the pistol in the pic. The only match I found yet was in Bruckner/Zhuk Star Pistol Mod.1. Maybe you got more informations to correct me.
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