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Help on 08 42 from 1940

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I would like to use your help again.

What do you say about this 08?
Is there anything suspicious???

Gun accessory Metal Auto part Composite material Engineering

Wood Air gun Gas Metal Auto part
Bicycle part Rim Metal Household hardware Auto part
Gun accessory Automotive exterior Household hardware Bumper Tool
Household hardware Gas Auto part Metal Composite material
Household hardware Wood Metal Nickel Auto part
White Material property Air gun Gun barrel Wood
Household hardware Gas Auto part Wood Metal
Automotive tire Bicycle part Cylinder Rim Gas
Handgun holster Personal protective equipment Jewellery Armour Mail

Wood Gas Automotive exterior Tints and shades Auto part
Office supplies Magenta Gun accessory Fashion accessory Titanium

Wood Handle Household hardware Rectangle Office supplies

Composite material Nickel Metal Tool Steel

Grey Household hardware Rectangle Wood Auto part

Wood Household hardware Metal Titanium Composite material

Tool Gas Cylinder Auto part Metal

Fashion accessory Metal Auto part Rectangle Electric blue

Wood Tool Metal Fashion accessory Font

Cylinder Gas Tin Automotive tire Circle
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The loops are in fact at different heights as can be seen in relation to the central line of stitching across the back and the higher right loop at the flap hinge. This is a WWI era holster and appears to be have been made from an LP Holster based on the old stitch holes in th back. I’d have to see more photos of different angles or handle it to know exactly what went on with it but it looks like all period work. I guess the bigger picture is that this holster is interesting and “real” IMO but is not typical of what most expect would have been issued with a new 1940 08, but who can say what any gun may have have ended up carried in.

I think you were right in your assumption

Artifact Fashion accessory Automotive exterior Metal Macro photography

Sky Marine biology Fish Marine invertebrates Symbol

Brown Beige Soil Landscape Sand

Footwear Head Shoe Blue Human body

Wood Electric blue Arthropod Pest Metal

Font Rectangle Electric blue Wood Metal

Automotive tire Wood Rectangle Grey Automotive exterior


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That is a nicely done conversion IMO. I concede that the belt loops are not very canted and not as much as seen on most military production but I in this case some allowance should be made for that due to variations that were bound to happen in such conversions of the 1920s.
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Wood Electric blue Auto part Composite material Fashion accessory

Lock Metal Electric blue Fashion accessory Household hardware

a set of magazines from 1937 were included!
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a set of magazines from 1937 were included!
someone out there with that 1937 Mauser would love to get those mags 😂
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