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I just received this holster and I cannot ID it. It is supposed to be for an HSc...There is no markings at all and an HSc mag sticks out a bit too much of the spare mag pouch. A PPK mag just fits right ?? The general holster fit is right on with a PPK pistol....but an HSc or PP will also fit...Could this holster be correct for an Army HSc ( E/135 ) ??

Could someone help on this one as to which pistol is it made for and the holster period ( Post War ? ) ??

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Download Attachment: Holstr mag in pouch 2.jpg

Download Attachment: Holstr FRT.jpg

Download Attachment: Holstr BCK.jpg

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For what this is worth...I have an identical holster which contained a PPK, also unmarked. It does have the shape of an HSC though, however my HSC holsters have a longer magazine pouch. Remember that sometimes during the end of the war, the Germans "made do" with whatever fit and was on hand!! Your picture shows that there is an indentation where the longer mag was, so whatever was in it has been there for a while.


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The holster shown is a known unmarked variation which was originally made for the PPK . Like most other unmarked "commercial" holsters of this era , whatever fit it was used. I wouldn't think that it would be for a waffenamted HSc however but anything could be possible I guess. Just remember, not only did the Germans use whatever was available but so the US GI inserted whatever he captured into what he could acquire also. Did the two make it right ? I don't think so IMHO.
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