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Good day.

I recently got a 1916 9MM Luger from my father in law. He gave it to me. I, nor he know much about it. He immigrated to Canada in the early 1950s, and brought this with him. It was also given to him in the old country. He was from Hamburg, Germany.

It is functional, has some wear on the bluing. The checkering is in very good condition. All numbers match on the parts.
I have attached a few pics.

Could any of you guys tell me exactly what I got, and what the value would be? Any information would be very much appreciated...Thank You...Jay


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Are there any markings on the gripstraps?(Handle)...The Luger is a fairly common Military issue used by the German Army in WW1.......condition being all important to the collector....Rons value in the USA is reasonable....in Canada,somewhatless due to the market here...

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Jayman......Welcome to the Forum. That is a very nice gift. You must be doing something right. Is the mag also numbered to the gun?? If so I would suggest that the value could be somewhat higher. Post a picture of the mag bottom if you can.
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