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Secondhand Dealer offered Luger, please help to identify and value:
1. Toggle Inscription - DWM
2. Chamber Inscription top - none
3. Toggle Knob Type - Round knurled
4. Grip Safety - Not Present
5. Stock Lug - Not Present
6. Caliber - 9mm
7. Grip Type – Walnut checkered, Without Border, Without Insignia
8. Thumb Safety – Safe in rear position, “GESICHERD” is displayed, “96” mark on the top side surface of the lever
9. L/H Markings: a)“N and Crown” on barrel extension, b) “11” on the bottom side of takedown lever, c) “11” on the bottom side of trigger plate.
10. R/H Markings - none
11. Barrel Bottom - ”57511” and “N and Crown”
12. Frame Front - ”57511”
13. Witness Marks – did not check properly, but looks like one visible right at the bottom.
14 Rear -

Download Attachment: Luger-57511-Marks RH Rear.jpg
72.85KB“11” just below rear sight
15. Additional Markings - Looks like two tiny “Eagle wings up” type marks on the RH rear frame “cheek” near toggle knob
16. Barrel Length – did not measure
17. Magazine Markings – Capital “P” or “T”
18. Percentage of remaining Bluing – 70-80
19. Percentage of remaining straw colored finish on parts such as trigger, disassembly latch, etc. – 70-80

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quote:Originally posted by Weimar_Police

good description, but to give a rough value, please provide copious pictures, top, both sides, all markings.


Ed, thanks a lot for your interest, here more pictures:
1. General view LH

Download Attachment: Luger-57511-Overview LH.jpg

2.General view RH with Magazine

Download Attachment: Luger-57511-Overview RH-Magazine.jpg

3. Top

Download Attachment: Luger-57511-Overview RH-Top.jpg

4.Barrel bottom

Download Attachment: Luger-57511-Barrel Bottom.jpg

5. Frame front

Download Attachment: Luger-57511-Frame Front.jpg

6. Frame top-rear inner well (looks like "H" mark with right-bottom leg of "H" missing/not pressed properly)

Download Attachment: Luger-57511-Frame TopRear Inner.jpg

7. Right toggle knob with markings on the frame edge

Download Attachment: Luger-57511-RH Toggle Knob-Marks.jpg

8. Rear sight and number

Download Attachment: Luger-57511-Rear Sight and Number.jpg

9. Thumb safety mark

Download Attachment: Luger-57511-Thumb Safety Mark.jpg

10. Barrel extension LH mark

Download Attachment: Luger-57511-Barrel Ext LH.jpg

11. Trigger plate number

Download Attachment: Luger-57511-Trigger Plate Number.jpg

12. Takedown lever number

Download Attachment: Luger-57511-Takedown Number.jpg

13. Magazine suffix

Download Attachment: Luger-57511-Magazine Suffix.jpg

That is it. I did not have a chance to take the thing down completely, but hope to do so if it it's not sold yet.
Regards, Nick

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The Luger, sn 57511, is a 1908 Commercial, manufactured by DWM for the commercial market in about 1910. It is a fairly common commercial Luger. Based on the mismatched safety and the condition of the blue and metal (60 percent)it is not or is only marginal collector grade. I would estimate its value at about $500. Good luck in your purchase.
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