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Help to identify this Luger

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Hi everyone
Would you please help me to identify this friend’s Luger P08
It’s a 9 mm DWM Luger
Crown N serial 5527 and a letter “t”
Frontal serial has also a J added (5527J) as your can see in pictures below
I’m very curious about the date and history of this pistol

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Hi Douglas
You are right it’s not a 9 mm, it’s probably a 7,65 mm, so it’s just a late 1929 comercial Luger
Thanks for your help
As far as we can see up to now it is a "Alphabet Commercial", which means, basically, that it is a pistol made for sale to the civilian market.
The suffix "t" gives an estimate production date around 1929. Most of the pistols in this late DWM production found its way to the German Police or Military.
However, your pistol only bears commercial proofs (crowned N) and lacks the Police sear safety. On the other hand, you mention it is chambered to 9 mm Luger, which is uncommon in commercial guns, hence the questions. Can you confirm it is in 9mm instead of the 7,65 mm Luger?
Nothwithstandig, your pistol seems to be in very nice original condition, what is something difficult to find down here in Brazil

Hi Douglas
You are right it’s not a 9 mm, it’s probably a late comercial 7,75 mm
Still appears to be a 1929 in the "t" suffix to me. Are you sure It's a 9MM?

Hi Bob
You are right it’s not a 9 mm
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