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Below are some rules of thumb that help when identifing Imperial unit marks:
J.R. or I.R. sometimes replaces R. in Infantry Regiment markings.

R.J.R. or R.I.R. sometimes replaces R. in Reserve Infantry Regiment markings.

After 1915, K. (kompagnie) sometimes follows M.G. or sometimes follows the kompagnie number.

Rarely C. (Compagnie, old usage) replaces K (kompagnie)

N.(number) or P.(pistole) sometimes precedes the weapons number.

J.R.64.MG.4.= Infantry Regiment 64, Machine Gun Company, Weapon no. 4.
22.R.11.3= 22 Infantry Regiment, 11th Company, weapon number 3.

HISTORY OF THE RESERVE INFANTRY REGIMENT 72 DURINGWORD WAR 1: copies sometimes are found on the Kube Auction or Manions.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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