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Hello Men,

Am not certain if I am reading you correctly, but "hype" is not the determinant reason for the desire to own a BW.

I would hazard to say that any collector, having the choice between buying a regular 41/42 byf, and a BW byf, at the market price for a regular 41/42 byf, would be wise to buy the BW, because he would be getting more "collectible" value for his dollar.

Rarity and condition are the determinant factor in any collectibe, from stamps, to guns, to kewpie dolls. The BW grips are rarer than the walnut grips, thus the increase in value. Best example of this is the Political Leader, where 70% of the $4,000 - $5,000 value is simply in the NSDAP plastic (bakelite) grips. Another example is the late war PP pressed wood grips--they are rarer, thus the pistol is more valuable than other "ac" marked PP's. Same for the reddish brown bakelite grips on the PP. Same pistols without these grips, are less rare, thus less expensive. Market forces at work.

It's important to know our grips. Here's the best way to do that with a Black Widow:
PS. Did I misunderstand you?
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Righto, I agree. The SS link and the BW nomenclature are strictly fairy tales. The value/rarity of the BW is simply because it is another collectible variation. I think there is some inflation because of the SS fantasy. Cleary, unknowledgable buyers frame their bids around this fantasy, and if you want to own a BW variation, then this sort of inflation is an unavoidable problem.

I've got a page on my website which trys to offer some clarity on this. Here's a link,

By the way, in my discussions with other collectors, it seems that there is a consensus as to who is responsible for inventing the "Black Widow" designation for this variation, but, I'm not certain who came up with the SS tag.


Let me see if I understand your point (assuming that the grips you used were authentic).
You replaced the walnut grips with BW grips on a byf 42 and sold it at a higher price.
If your remark, "So much for the rarity of black widows" suggests that BW's are not rarer and more expensive,
then one of us needs to go back on our medication.

Have I misunderstood you?


PS. Add-on grips...no, no, no.
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