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Pancho and others, my position was that I had a byf Luger that needed grips. I could have put original walnut grips on the pistol or I could put original bakelite grips on the pistol. I chose the latter as a matter of marketing as one any of us.

My Luger box tells me that there are lots of walnut grips looking for pistols, there are damn few bakelite grips waiting for a "date".
So how rare and how often not original? The current demand will work to increase the numbers available.

On the same note, I sold two bakelite based mags at a recent gun show for $125 each. Two imperial navy mags at $180 didn't stir the least interest. The "bakes" went to a dealer.

That is for me almost unbelievable!!! Navymags back to a dealer???
Here int he Netherlands bakeliet based, they are very, very rare...And expensive!
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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