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Help with CZ 27 holster I.D.

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I picked a couple CZ 27's with holsters over the weekend. One holster is a black flap holster of smooth leather marked "CZ" "P27" and "1944" on the back. I can't I.D. the other holster though. It's a black beaded or pigskin looking flap holster. I can't quite make out the markings on the back of the holster. The holster is stamped with two lines of markings on the belt loop. I can't make out the top line at all, but the bottom appears to say "ZGJ 1944", but I can't be for sure. Can anyone help me out with any info or value estimate for the holster?

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The second holster was made by Adalbert Riedel in Trebechovice pod Orebem. Trebechovice pod Orebem is small town in Eastern Bohemia. The same holsters were produced in two variations (black or tan, both pebble grain leather) after WW II too. Tan holsters supplied in huge quantities to Czech Mail (Ceska Posta) mostly ink stamped with Czech rampant lion.

Am I any where close on the "ZGJ 1944" stamped on the holster? I'm curious what the "ZGJ" stands for.
I do not know what "ZGJ"means, but I am working on it....
The holster that came with my CZ-27 is just like your black pebble pigskin, except it's brown (I guess that's the tan). It doesn't have an ink stamp inside, but it does have similar stamps on the belt loop. I've had mine since 1988, and I have never been able to make out the markings. Just this weekend, I tried again (after not having looked at the holster in 5 years) by doing a rubbing on paper, but the markings wouldn't show up. I originally thought the upper marking was an eagle, but I could be mistaken. Any idea on how to make the markings stand out a little better?
The markings on pebble-grain CZ27 holsters are about the most difficult markings to read of any holster markings. I think the most common maker marking on these is cdg so look at the marking again in bright sunlight and varying the angle of viewing. Use a large magnifying lens rather than a loupe and see if that doesn't help. I could be wrong on the reading but have examined 4-5 of these and think that is what I saw. There are some marked with long rb and slash numbers that I assume are late war and they are also black pebble grain. I have seen another one that I believe has a stamp on the inside top flap but it is so worn and faint it is hard to be sure.

The letters are either "EZGJ" or "FZGJ" and the format for the numbers on the line above those letters is either "X/XXXX/XXX" or "X/XXXX/XXXX". There should also be a "WaA" with either a 76 or 721 or 78. It is usually difficult to make out the numbers and letters. They are letters and numbers associated with the maker of the holster. The Germans started using codes instead of openly identifying the maker with his logo.
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