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Hi all,

I have a completely mismatched East German (or Russian?) refurbished Steyr Hahn with a 1915 frame (#3369j), an ex-Romanian 1913 slide with the crown ground off but not all the Md.1912 below it (#1385 "star") and barrel (#2147b stamped on the stop lug and #(4?)835b hand-scribed below this). Standard Austrian Wn "Eagle" 15 above the trigger on the right. I bought this pistol as a shooter, I might add!

What mystifies me are the markings on the right-hand side of the frame above the grip panel. Could anyone please help identify these for me? They are as follows:-

1 II R 94

The "7" and the "1" are closer together, with the "1" just behind and below the "7" but slightly overlapping. The rest are centred horizontally on these 2 numerals. I assume they are some kind of unit markings, possibly Bavarian, but I'd love to know what they are!

The story I was told by the dealer in Brisbane, Queensland (Australia) that I bought this pistol off was that the East Germans (or Russians?) refurbished a large number of Steyr Hahns and sold them to the Viet Cong during the Viet Nam war as "9mm". You can imagine the confusion and blue language when they tried to use them with 9mm Parabellum! The result was that these pistols were then bunker-stored until after the war when they were retrieved by a large dealer in Viet Nam and sold off. The Brisbane dealer bought 1,600, and is now down to about 700.

The complete mismatch of numbers (of ALL these pistols apparently) can be explained if it is supposed that the refurbishing plant chucked all the bits together in the blackening tank and reassembled them all with whatever part came to hand at the time it was needed.

I am soon to take possession (when our voluminous paper-work is completed and approved) of a WW II "08" 9mm Parabellum conversion which has also seems to have been arsenal refurbished in a similar way, and was reputed to have come to Australia via Viet Nam. This has a mismatched barrel, with frame (1914) and slide (with ALL Steyr markings ground off) numbered 2926c and stamped "08" below the left-hand clip guide. The serial numbers are in the usual places, but appear to have been stamped after the refurb as they are not as neat as original Steyr stampings. Both my mismatch and the "08" have pitting around the grips, especially above the grip panels. Perhaps this is from the bunker storage, although it appears to pre-date the blackening.

It would also be nice if anyone out there knew anything definite about the refurbishing - where, when, etc? - as it is a small part of Steyr Hahn history.


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