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I have questions again.
Here is a 9mm Browning that I got.
The holster seems to be for the pistol but the magazine doesn't fit in it.
Maybe the pouch on the holster shrunk over the years???

What does the Geco JY 41 mean on the back of the holster?
When was this pistol made?
A contract Police pistol before they sold them commercially in '54 or '56?
I also have another one that was discussed earlier.
I think the serial number on that one was 49912 or something.
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Geco is a well known German manufacturer of many shooting products including leather goods. I have a post-war P.38 holster made by Geco and I'd say the quality is very good. The "STANDARD DIRECTORY OF PROOF MARKS" doesn't list a "JY" code for Nazi WW2 maker codes but it looks like a maker's code and the year 1941. "Looks like" being the key because I wouldn't stake my life on it.

The Browning is a truly nice looking pistol. I don't own a genuine Browning but I do have Inglis, Springfield Armory and Girsan copies. I don't shoot the Inglis but truly enjoy the other two.
I agree. The Germans used three letter codes. I just can't figure out this holster.
I tried jamming the magazine into the mag pouch on the holster. Goes in a little ways with effort.

I compared the two. It is a Browning holster. I am going to say shrinkage. I'll keep playing with the mag. I'll get it in there sooner or later, without damaging it.

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The serial 59220 is not far above the highest reported serial, 58557, for a High Power delivered in the final shipment for the police in the German state of Nordrhein-Westfalen, in March 1953.

That at least gives you the ballpark for production, which you can certainly assume to be 1953.
I also double checked the other Browning I have. That thread is in this section. The serial number is 49912. Not bad. An old man can still remember the important stuff.
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