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highlighted markings

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what do you use to highlight the stamps and markings on firearms? is there a certain type of paint or is it just white crayon?
I want to highlight my lugers markings but don't want to ruin it by using the wrong method.
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Hi Raptor,

Some people use white model airplane dope, some use a white grease pencil and some use a product called laquer stick..it is available from most dealers or from Brownells.

One thing you should know is that you need to prepare the metal surface first. I recommend you swab it with some isopropyl alcohol or a degreasing solvent and permit it to dry before applying the mark filling material. I also use a blow hairdryer to raise the temperature of the metal so that the fill material "flows" better into the no0ks and crannies. Afterwards, I let the stuff "cure" over night and then ise a sharp bamboo skewer to remove any excess. When done, a quick wipe with a cloth containing some Renaissance wax to replace any surface protectant that may have been removed by the process.

Hope this helps,

Tom A
yes that helps greatly and thank you very much.
PPR, many people use a "white china marker." The best tutorial I have seen on its use, step by step and illustrated (with photos) is in a thread entitled "white lettering" in this same New Collectors Board of the Luger Forum, offered by CGofMP in a 1/08/2004 posting. (I have a china marker, but just haven't had the time or energy to try it yet.)
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