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There is someone over on the mil pistols forum at gunboards who is repeating the Whittington claim that brown holsters were for Luftwaffe and officers and black were for the lower ranks. This was brought up in a reference to a brown HSc holster. An additional claim was made that, in 1943, an official German order was to dye all holsters black. I made the comment that Whittington was speculating incorrectly (there are plenty of Luft holsters that are black, I have one luger holster and have seen many such in old color photos in Signal). I know of no order to dye holsters black other than that of 1916. Is this just old gun show mythology or is there an official order specifying colors for different forces/ranks? Is there really a 1943 order to dye holsters black (never heard of such a thing, myself)?

By the way, the discussion centered on an HSC with both E/N and 135 stampings. I indicated it was a combination of commercial and military stamps. However, the holster is of the generic brown 7.65 pistol type and has a police eagle on the front. I do not know who might have carried this pistol during the war, perhaps combat police and would be interested in your thoughts.

Thanks in advance,
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