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Holster dates - Quickie question

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I ran through the threads and did not find anything about matching holster dates with the Lugers in them. I now have my first Luger and it came without a holster. I was debating on making a rig. Do I have to get the same date holster as the gun (42 code 1940 i-block), or can I go with a 1941? With p38's we have found that there was no attempt to purposely mate the date on the holster with the guns. But, what about Lugers? Thanks, Dave.
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Dave Baird

One other point of interest in this holster date question is the fact that many a fellow collector believe that even with vet bringbacks holsters were mated by the soldiers that aquired the lugers after the war had ended from the huge stockpiles of armaments that the allies had gathered up.

Personally I believe that the truest examples are found in WW#2 police issue rigs.

Their is of course exceptions to this rule, especially concerning WW#1 military holsters.

One would have to conclude that the soldier trying to aquire a souvenir would not be to caught up with perfect examples like many collectors in todays world (myself included)
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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