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I have a "1938" and "WaA101" marked Luger holster that went without a maker ident for the longest time. I finally checked the Waffenampt list and got the names of the companies Mr. "101" inspected in 1938 and found several. That lead me to a dead end as I couldn't find any maker stampings on the holster and had not been advised that any of them did not mark them on purpose.

Today I took it out into the bright sunshine and got some leverage on the belt loop to the left of the Eagle.....dang if I couldn't see parts of letters sticking up above the stitching. They are not totally visible, maybe half of the block capital sans-serif letters can be seen without cutting off the loop.....(not likely in my lifetime!), but when compared to the list of makers Mr. "101" inspected, it made perfect sense....

The first one is either an "F" or an "E"
The next is easy, as the top of a block "K" is easy to figure out
I can see what appears to be the top of an "S" or an "8"
The last looks like a lower case "t"

Checking the list I found "Ehrhart und Kirsten, Stuttgart" as the most likely as Auvaeter und Bubek or Carl Hepting or Hans Romer do not posses letters even remotely close to these.

I read it now as "EKSt" and if there is any question on any of them, it is the "t" as it is shorter and close to the stitching.

Lesson Learned:
1) Sunlight is better than ANY light unless you have laboratory conditions.
2) Marks are not where they are "supposed" to be, so look EVERYWHERE!
3) The Waffenampt mark can give you clues to obscure and hard to read stampings and narrow down the search and interpretation of what you MIGHT find.

That Black Widow sure looks nice in that holster! (SMILE)

PS...thanks to Garfield for heading me in the right direction in the first place!

Hmm, still can decipher the stampings on the belt loop....
"J" (or part of a "U") then something like maybe the crossbar of an "A" and then a "B". Then very easy to read...."6.K. II"

Anyone know what all that might mean? Thanks in advance!
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