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Holster markings??(photos added)

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I picked up a 1914 DWM unit marked Luger today. "99.R.M.G.38."
I know what the unit mark is, 99th Inf Regiment Machine Gun weapon # 38. The Luger is pitted along both sides of the barrel. And has been cold blued.
My question pertains to the holster markings. Inside the flap is die stamped into the leather vertically To the left of the tool pouch.
The I is half again larger than the other numbers and letters. The holster is in very good cond. Cannot find a makers mark nor date. The belt loops have been restitched higher than the original location. Appears to be armorer repaired.(Old Repair).

Can anyone enlighten me on the markings?

Thanks, Ron

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Ron, It's a secret German code. I decipher it this way: Send it to Jerry as a gift.....Or I guess it could mean something more interesting...Jerry Burney
D.6.: Dragoon Regiment 6
10: the year 1910??
2E: Second Eskadron
I: I dont know?

I have a 6 th Dragoon Luger that matches this holster if you decide to sell it.
Jerry, Yeah!? I kind of interpret it as a message from the Mother Ship.
You already got all the freebies you're getting from me. One damn fine paper bicycle/toolbag/whatever.:D
Are you all packed for Arizona? You're probably letting that sweetie of a wife do all. Ain'tcha? While you're dinkin" around on the computer! Should be ashamed a yerself. ;)

Drive Safe!! Ron
Jan, Thanks for the translation. I was thinking that was what it may be, but could'nt confirm it with my references. Could the "I" be the supply unit code? I haven't decided what I will do with it. Let me ponder on it a bit. Will let you know.

Thanks, Ron
Ron, Yup! You know me! She insists on doing it all. What can I do? All packed really, just have to Winterize the house and head out early Sunday morning. Hope to touch base with Ted Green and Don Hamilton in Albuquerque NM. Have lunch and talk Lugers untill Ellie makes me get on down the road....And I do appreciate the holster! Very interesting..Thanks!

Well, if your not going to give it to me the least you can do is sell it to Jan! Either that or ask him to sell you the matching gun....Maybe you two could flip for it...Rock, Paper, Scissors? Will check back in when we arrive in AZ. Jerry Burney
Jerry, I was thinking that maybe Jan and I could rent a safety deposit box halfway between Oregon and Alaska, and just have visitations. Then it occured to me that Tinker lived in Washington. Guess who would end up with both of them. I'd rather boil the holster and eat it, than see that happen.

Somebody wake Ed up so he'll be insulted.:D
Used to, now I live in Colorado, and pick up stuff like this from friends in Oregon

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Cool! Finally found a nice police. Where'd you find that one? Oregon!? Ya mean that's been here the whole time, and I could'nt smell it. I'm losing my touch. Did you get it from Russ? Or Dwight? Nice Holster. I'm jealous.

Ron, You couldn't insult Ed if you hit him on the head with an ugly stick...Oh! Maybe someone did that already. I'm kidding Of course, he does have a dog that's better looking than him. But then I'm happy not gay...

Boil it and eat it huh? Your lovely Wife must be out of town and you are having to resort to your own cooking....

Ed scored that nice Police when he let me stay at his house Sunday. Now his wife is a durn good cook and we didn't have any boiled holster I can tell you! Ed did show me all the nice Lugers he has though. An enjoyable evening. Too short but then we will get together next Summer. He has a really nice place there in Castle Rock, a gracious host! Thanks Ed! Jerry Burney
Regarding the Roman numeral "I". As I understand it, this is a depot mark indicating the second time the holster has been issued. If it came in for a subsequent release it would have a second "I" placed next to the first and so on.

It's screwey and confusing when seen in conjunction with unit marks but quite common on Pickelhauben and other uniform pieces.
Jerry, I'll have to get back to Colorado soon to visit some of my long lost relatives. I could swing by Ed's and case the...I mean pay a visit.;) As far as hitting him with anything. I don't know, Ed's a pretty big boy, and a Lifer MP. I'm too old and gimpy to run that fast.
Grizzly Adams said that he always had an Indian with him, when he hunted Grizzly bears. If he just wounded the bear and it started chasing them. He wound just trip the Indian and climb a tree. Jerry, I'll take you with me when I decide to hit Ed with an ugly stick.:D

Geo, Thanks, I thought I'd read or heard that someplace. Maybe from you on another post? The pistol is'nt a total toad. May send it to Ted, when I get the bucks.It could use some help.

Ron, Come in the Summer when I'm around ...Off to AZ! Jerry
Jerry, I'm considering a bike ride this summer. Just may putt past and say Hi.

Jan, Sent you an e-mail. Ron
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