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Holster ...Navy ??????

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I posted these photos in another thread and was told to post them here as one of you 'Navy' experts may be able to tell me if by any chance this holster could have been Navy.
I aquired it recently it had a regular 1916 P08 gun in it and a police mag. The only markings are what looks like the letters W.1 or W.I stamped inside the flap. Someone suggested that the fact it has these 'D' rings that it may have been used on a U boat.
Any comments will be appreciated.
Thanks Roy

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I have a similarly modified holster and about 6 years ago, I sent pictures to noted holster expert Per jensen. He stated that it was probably used on a U-boat. Since then, additional research has indicated these holsters were used on many small vessels, such as the torpedo boats, U-boats and similar craft.

The D rings gave the capability to wear the holster as a shoulder holster or on a sling across the chest making it easier to navigate ladders and passage ways while armed by moving the holster and pistol as required.

G.I. engineering at its best.

Tom A.
Hi Roy,

Pls bear with me as I am on the road and won't see that holster until this weekend (It is enroute to the SE NAPCA conference where I will be doing a presentation on Navy Lugers); but IIRC, it is marked with the LZA Karlsrhue stamp and a maker mark but do notr remember which one. A mind is a terrible thing to waste....

Tom A.
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