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Holster Source

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Hi, I'm a new poster and have a P08 and holster obtained by my dad in either N.Africa or Italy. I'm curious on the manufacturer of the holster--It has a WaA195 marking and alongside a code of "dkk 42" at the loop. It has a tool with no markings but the pouch itself is stamped 97. It's black high-gloss finish with some wear across the top and forward on the spare magazine pocket. It came with a Mauser byf 41 w/ black grips and extra magazine. Magazines are blued with aluminum bases with codes 6072 C + with a mauser eagle 63 mark and 7759 N w/ eagle 65. I have no idea on the collector value of these. I look forward to your comments and ideas. I will post separately on a question re. the Ser.# letter designation which is a puzzler. Thanks.
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Hi, and welcome. The dkk stands for the manufacturer (Friedrich Offermann & Sohne, Bensberg), the 42 for the year 1942 and the WaA195 is the acceptance stamp used between 42 & 44.
The 6072c and the 7759n #s are for the original issued pistol.
The eagle 63 is for the type 2 mag acceptance stamp
The eagle 65 should be a 655 and is for the same type 2 mag.
Hope this helps,
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