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holster stamped numbers?

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I just picked up this nice holster dated 1939, but it had the digits stamped on front. What would these numbers be for or about? Thanks.

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Hi Dave,

I have one holster with a four digit # on front like yours. When I got it (in Germany) the collector who sold it to me explained that this was the serial # of the pistol belonging to it. Sort of a system to keep holsters and weapons together.
Also according to this source, this was common practice in Police Stations, where the rigs were placed hanging on a rack, easy to reach in case of an emergency.
Is there on the backside of your holster not a police-bound marking, like a sun with a character inside?

I am not an expert, but this is what I learned about my holster.
There are no pokice markings on it. It is marked with a makers name and Wa and 1939, but that is all. Thanks for the info.
Dave Sanders, I have Imperial Luger rigs with holsters so marked to the serial number of the pistol. I have also had NSDAP Police holsters marked with the serial number. I'd bet it is a serial number.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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