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I saw a nice M37 first contract pistol the other day. New looking on the one side and some wear and slight pitting on the other. Very nice looking gun.

The mag is the correct type but the number does not match the gun. Are matching mags common or not? How much should the mag affect the price either way?

Whittington said in Vol II of his book that matching mags are rare. Do you guys agree with that statement?

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Basing my answer on my own experience, I had three M37's, one jhv41 and two jhv43's. Both jhv43's had matching mags... the jhv41 didn't match. I would say it's about 50-50. A matching mag just solidifies the price!! You can always look down your nose at the piece and say ..."the mag doesn't match!! What can you do for me on the price!!" I don't think it bumps the price that much. ;))

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