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How do you disassemble a F-S pistol?

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Now that I own two of these pistols, I need to strip, gently clean and lube them. What's the technique?

regards, Ned
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Well Ned, it's your lucky day once again!

Marstar of Canada has your disassembly info here:


I've never had mine apart, but they have detailed
diagrams, plus an exploded parts chart, as well.
They're always my first choice when searching for
this type of firearm data.

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Rich, it is kind of my lucky day. Thanks for the Marstar tip.

When I went to dissasemble one of them, I discovered that the front plate and the little button are missing. The screw-on barrel nut is there and held with a home-made button. Luckily, I have another pistol so I can tell what is not right or missing.

Who would carry parts for the Frommer-Stop?

Regards, Ned
The Marstar website lists 42 different parts for the Stop, so might well have what you need. If not, Heller Arms would be my next stop. Someone here should have Tom's e-mail address for you. As a last resort, Numrich Arms (Gun Parts Corp) carries some Frommer parts, if I recall correctly. Good Luck with your repairs. I hate those nasty surprises myself...

Maybe you will also find this interesting:

Download Attachment: FrommerDiagram.jpg

It shows well just what the heck is going on
inside that strange tunnel atop the barrel ?!
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