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Can anyone give me a production date on his commerical HSc 32cal. ?

S/N - 763683
last 3 digits of s/n engraved underneath end of slide
High Blue polish finish

It has the cross hatched sight plane

Mauser Banner, left side, muzzle end of slide
Mauser-Werke A.G. Oberndorf a.N.
Mod. HSc Kal. 7,65mm
No lines, blank

Has a lanyard loop
Checkered walnut grip

Other markings:
E/N proofs
E/N on end of slide, outside, right side
E/N on trigger guard - right side
E/N on barrel - right side

No other marks found

On the magazine:
Mauser banner perpindicular at bottom of baseplate
Magazine has black plastic "pinky finger" grip ?extension?
The "pinky finger" grip entension is crosshatched on sides

Many thanks,
Tommy Burt
[email protected]

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Your Hsc is a Commercial pistol that was produced in very early 1942. It's an interesting early pistol, however the magazine is of postwar manufacture that accompanied the HSc's produced from 1968 through 1977. The WWII Mauser stamped magazines had the Mauser banner stamped lengthwise and did not have the finger grip extension.
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