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I recently posted some "German pistols on a Zeltbahn" and had a request for more pics of my late war phosphate HSC, my Burnham/Theodore book states that the last documented wartime HSC was 951939, so this one is getting near the end of the line, April 1945.....


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Hey Y'all,

I have always really liked the late war German phosphate finish and an HSc with that finish was always on my search list. I was able to find a nice one several years ago and is one of my favorite HSc pistols in my collection. Below are a couple of photographs of mine, which is roughly 500 pistols earlier than the example Chris shows.


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Here are some examples of the French transition.

950381: A very late war upside down stamped WaA 135.

951740: A locally 'liberated' unproofed HSc that came from Oberndorf.

953880: An early French WR marked HSc.

All were phosphated, the unproofed example has been refinished for it's owner. It was used by a butcher to put down steer calves.
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