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Presenting my mid war HSc police rig which has an ersatz police marked matching holster. Not too common to find such a complete issued rig , whether it be police or military. Trust one will learn as well as enjoy.

Download Attachment: HSc holster front.JPG

Download Attachment: HSc holster rear.JPG
262.72KB The serial number of pistol is 810390 and is located in the upper right hand corner.

Download Attachment: HSc holster exposed.JPG

Download Attachment: HSc holster marking.JPG
257.56KB The markings are stamped lightly but reads Schambach & Co, Berlin, 1943.

Download Attachment: HSc left side.JPG

Download Attachment: HSc left side close up.JPG

Download Attachment: HSc front gripstrap.JPG

Download Attachment: HSc right side.JPG

Download Attachment: HSc magazines side.JPG

Download Attachment: HSc mag serial numbers.JPG

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as your Schambach 1943 Ersatz holster could feel a little bit lonely, I like to show him at least photos of his war-time buddy.

Just recently I acquired this Schambach & Co 1943 police holster, made of an “Ersatz” (substitute) vinyl-like material – just like yours. Difference: the police acceptance marking is the “eagle with B outside” eagle, not the “eagle with B on chest” like on yours.

I was hoping to get a holster in which a Sauer 38/H was carried – unfortunately, there never has been in something else but a Walther PP (or PPK, I’m not sure). :(

“Unfortunately”, as I do not collect Walthers.




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Nice find Martin. These unusual outside B's are found as early as 1940 and then are used sporadically throughout the remaining years up to 1943 as I have determined to date. I assume it was another inspector with a different die or location, one. In the later part of the thirties we found a number of different sized eagle B's being used as the police authorities apparently weren't concerned with exact copies of the original die but only similarities, of course in my opinion.
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