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HSc questions ??

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I have this HSc I'm curious about. It is a Wartime Commercial model ( E/N Proofs only ) in the 75XXXX Serial range. First thing is the laynard hole on the backstrap. What is the serial numbers range of the HSc with this feature ?? I have later ones in the 800XXX + that do not have this feature.

Download Attachment: Dscn2321.jpg

Next is the checkered sight groove. Again later ones dont have it & I would like to know when this was changed to a plain groove. Is the checkered one only on Commercial models ??

Download Attachment: Dscn2327.jpg

Download Attachment: Dscn2328.jpg

Last are the numbers 864 ( last 3 of the serial number ) electric penciled on the inside front of the slide. Some information was gathered about Walther, scribing with an electric pencil, the pistol's serial number on the bottom side of the magazine in the AC 40 P38s production. Could Mauser have done the same with the early HSc production as the slides are not numbered ??

Download Attachment: Dscn2380.jpg

I am by no means an advanced collector and those small issues have given me some headhaches lately...Thanks for the help in shedding light on this.....MARK
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Hi Mark:
Both the hole for the lanyard loop and matted sight channel were deleted around serial number 800,000 as production expedients. Prioer to that they had appeared on all models and variations. The high gloss blue finish was dropped around 10,000 numbers earlier. The slides were electro-penciled with the last 3 digits of the serial number on the cross bar as shown in your photo -- this was done until the end of the war, I believe.
Hope this helps,

Thank you very much for the information. It gets me a clearer picture of those small HSc's I have in the collection...

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