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I am new to Lugers and buying a 1936 s/42..

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on Monday. Let me tell you about it and see what you all think. It is a byf (Mauser) marked, completely matching, except for the magazine. It retains 80% of the original finish, the other 20% is thinning around the grip straps and sideplate (holster wear?). Nice straw color on the trigger, safety and take down lever. It is 9mm with an excellent bore. The original wood grips are in excellent condition. There are no import marks on the gun. Even though the magazine does not match, the seller told me that it is a correct WWII mag. The serial number is 93XXm. He wants $700.00 for the gun. Looking at it, it is a beautiful piece that is not mint, but I would be able to shoot without feeling guilty. When was this gun manufactured? What would be the best ammo to use with it? How is the price? Thanks for any answers you could give me.
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Military Lugers have their year of manufacture stamped over the chamber. A byf Mauser should be 1941 0r 1942. Strawing of small parts was discontinued during 1937. Without a description or (preferably) photographs of the other marks on this Luger it is not possible to tell you more.

I have good results shooting Winchester 115gr. FMJ ammunition. The key to a proper functioning shooting-quality Luger is to use a high-quality, modern-manufactured magazine.

As you describe it, it is my opinion this Luger is overpriced by one-third.


Ahh, thats a little more like it. The first variation (strawed parts) 1937 S/42 is less common than the second variation (blued parts). Just from the photograph, I might consider this a collection-quality Luger and not shoot it. The price might be good, if it were me I would start out by offering less (unless you have already been through that exercise).

The only concern I now have with what you have told us is that 1937 Lugers are not found in the m serial# series (Still, "Third Reich Lugers", pp16, 39).


Estimated production figures for S/42 code Mauser Lugers (from Still, "3rd Reich Lugers"):

K date (1934) 10,930
G date (1935) 54,070
1936 89,500
1937 126,000
1938 113,800
1939 38,500

I paid more than $700 for my 1936 S/42, and it is not in as nice shape as the picture you show.

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