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I am new to Lugers and buying a 1936 s/42..

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on Monday. Let me tell you about it and see what you all think. It is a byf (Mauser) marked, completely matching, except for the magazine. It retains 80% of the original finish, the other 20% is thinning around the grip straps and sideplate (holster wear?). Nice straw color on the trigger, safety and take down lever. It is 9mm with an excellent bore. The original wood grips are in excellent condition. There are no import marks on the gun. Even though the magazine does not match, the seller told me that it is a correct WWII mag. The serial number is 93XXm. He wants $700.00 for the gun. Looking at it, it is a beautiful piece that is not mint, but I would be able to shoot without feeling guilty. When was this gun manufactured? What would be the best ammo to use with it? How is the price? Thanks for any answers you could give me.
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Based on the picture I would want to look real close at the sideplate. Is there a number stamped on the inside???? Perhaps it is just the angle or lighting but it raised a question in my mind. Just my 2 cents worth........
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