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On my way back to my office, I stopped at a small, local shop. I just wanted to see what had come in since I was last there. While the clerk was busy, I dug through the "MISC" box to see what I could find. I left with the following:

1: JVD marked P38 magazine in fine condition. No other markings on it. I now have a matched set for my only (CYQ) P38.

2: FXO marked P08 magazine. Excellent condition with black plastic base. E37 wafs. Just show the tiniest bit of wear.

Forgetting the JVD magazine as I "needed" that one, Is the FXO proper for either of my Lugers? I have a 1937 S42 and a 40/42. If I remember right, they began to make the black plastic FXO in 1941.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Eric.... There is more than one school of thought about just when the black bottom mag came in. A popular theory is that they began about the "Q" block of the 41 byf production. I think there have been a couple of discussions about this on this forum. Try doing a search....it should bring up any posts. I think most would agree that it was certainly a replacement mag and could have ended up with about any Luger....
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