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ID on Luger

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I have a Luger I recently bought and have been reading the info on how to know what you have, now on the right side of the receiver and barrell there ia a eagle that doesn't look like any on the web pages, I looked up Germany in the school books and my eagle looks like the coat of arms for Germany. There is also a eagle with this underneath its wing span waA66, there is also a half a eagle on it. The serial number is 5418U, all parts have matching numbers, the magazines and holster also have matching numbers. There is on the bottom of one magazines a eagle with a circle with crossed looks like eyeglasses underneath. There is a number engraved into the butt of the gun 335. it is also on the inside of the gun and on the holster. On the left side at the safety on you can read GESICHERT, there are no markings on the left side of the receiver or barrell.

Any help will be appreciated, I tried to take pictures of it but I can't get close enough. The Luger looks real good, I'd say it still has 95 per cent or more of its origional blue finish.

Thanks for any help,
Mike Hanners
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