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Identification of a Luger pistol

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I am attempting to identify a DWM Luger, 30 Luger caliber with 3.75 inch barrel, serial #5776. There are no markings on the receiver above the chamber. The DWM logo appears on top of the forward toggle link. The serial number appears above the trigger guard on the frame and below that, "GERMANY." The safety reveals "GESICHERT" when activated. The extractor reveals "GELADEN" in the left side when loaded. There is a crown with "N" below it situated horizontally on the left front side of the receiver next to the serial number. The same crown with "N" below it is situated vertically on the left side of the breech block. A "H" appears on the back of the trigger. A "J" appears inside the trigger plate. A "N" appears at the rear of the breech block. A "C" appears at the left bottom of the rear toggle link. A "N" appears on the lug beneath the chamber and a "C" to the right of that lug with a "U" and a "Y" to the left of the lug. The letters "P", "T", "O", "R", "Z", "S", "D", "U", "J" "L" and a reverse "N" appear beneath the grip panels in various locations (none together). The rear sight is a square notch (not "V" shaped) and the front sight is a dovetailed, serrated, squared style. All numbered parts match, including both grip panels and magazine, which has a wooden base, metal follower and sheet metal body.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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holy, welcome to the forum!

This is a commercial luger, made for export (or refurbished from WW1), the Crown N is the commerical marking. The "assorted" letters I have gernally seen from being refurbed, and we don't know enough about them to place any importance on them.

Please provide pictures of top, full sides, bottom, magazine, etc

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