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OK, I know this is probably a blasphemous question here, but I shall ask anyway in hopes of some input.

I just got a 1914 Erfurt (kind of redundant, huh?) Artillery Luger in a trade deal. Now I would like to get the holster rig and accessories for it. At some point, of course it would be nice to get an original set, but for now I was thinking of buying the repro rig from IMA for $160. It supposedly comes with the holster, cleaning rod, shoulder stock and mounting iron, twin mag pouch, and shoulder straps. I know it comes in black leather, and I gather from Jan's book on Imperial Lugers (which I own, and think it is really excellent, I plan on buying the rest in the series...) it should really be brown.

In any case, I was wondering if any of you have any experience with this set, what kind of quality is it? Does it look good for display? Is it worth it for what it is? Seems like a pretty good deal for everything you get...

Any help or input would be appreciated!

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Years ago I bought such a rig from IMA. It was BLACK and it looked like crap. Furthermore it required alot of goobering with the stock iron to get it to fit. In my opinion the $160 thus spent is just $160 less you will have to invest in a real one. Buy the parts wisely and carefully and you may well put a decent rig together for about five to six hundred dollars. Like your Erfurt, the rig will increase in value, the black thing will not.

If you need help, let me know and I will see what I can do.

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George is dead on. IMA's leather is, for the most part, crap. Not worth the money. Better to do without than spend $160; which, IMO, is not "chump change".

I have been looking for an Erfurt LP08 for many moons with no joy. Don't cheapen yours by putting it in a POS rig.

Good Hunting

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Man, I couldn't have said it better George! You guys are spot on. I have had several of these in my shop for modification because they wouldn't fit. The leather is generally too thick. I have just made a shoulder strap for a client who needed it because the one they sent with it would not thread thru. Too thick and too wide.
Garfield is right, the $160 is not chump change and could be a start on a real investment rig.
Ed is correct, years from now it will be difficult to give away an IMR rig when any money you put into original stuff will increase in value. Plus you will have to look at the piece of crap next to your pistol for all those years with disapointment laying heavy on your heart.
Jerry Burney

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Hey Thanks for the advice guys, just what I was looking for. Like I said....I have dealt with IMA, and know they are a mixed bag...I just wanted some input on this rig, as it seemed that if it was decent, it wasn't bad for the price.

I have ALWAYS loved the artillery lugers, just didn't think I would ever own one given the prices and the fact that it doesn't really fit in my collection, which is (pretty much) strictly WWII German. Like I said, this one came up at the right time, in a trade deal, and I just couldn't pass it up. It is not perfect, it has some pitting, and its an odd mismatch...the barrel/upper assembly (not including the toggle) is matched to itself, s/n 6xx0, no letter suffix, Erfurt proofed, while the rest of the gun including the grips & toggle match itself, s/n 6xx0, no letter suffix, Erfurt proofed. The serial numbers are only 110 numbers apart. It is almost like some guys were cleaning their pistols...had the barrel/upper assemblies dismounted with the toggles off, and just grabbed the wrong ones. Of course it could just be put toegether too...but it certainly isn't a frankenstein that is totally mismatched.

In any case, this weekend I will take some pics, and post it on the LP08 main forum, to get your guys opinion on the gun.

As far as the rig goes, I will do as you guys suggested, and put my money towards building a complete real on....and advice on what I should expect to pay for the holster itself? Any help in pointing me in a direction to buy one would be appreciated too....

Thanks again for the advice!
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