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IMA Repro Artillery rig questions....

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OK, I know this is probably a blasphemous question here, but I shall ask anyway in hopes of some input.

I just got a 1914 Erfurt (kind of redundant, huh?) Artillery Luger in a trade deal. Now I would like to get the holster rig and accessories for it. At some point, of course it would be nice to get an original set, but for now I was thinking of buying the repro rig from IMA for $160. It supposedly comes with the holster, cleaning rod, shoulder stock and mounting iron, twin mag pouch, and shoulder straps. I know it comes in black leather, and I gather from Jan's book on Imperial Lugers (which I own, and think it is really excellent, I plan on buying the rest in the series...) it should really be brown.

In any case, I was wondering if any of you have any experience with this set, what kind of quality is it? Does it look good for display? Is it worth it for what it is? Seems like a pretty good deal for everything you get...

Any help or input would be appreciated!
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As they said and to also say; repro will be worth less in five years, a original will go up in price.

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