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I have had this holster for a while and have never been able to ID it.
The holster is of a softer type leather than most luger holsters I have seen. Under the flap it is marked E & AD?????

their is also a large ink stamped 17

On the top edge of the holster front is, 7/J.R.5. 32 it is interesting that the J R 5 is stamped once in small letters and then overstamped in larger letters.

The back of the holster shows a repair to the toe.

The "flap" to the tool pouch does not have a hole and I assume is held in by the same flap retaining the cleaning rod.

the clip has a blued body with a wooden bottom and has a "R" stamped in the back of the magazine near the bottom. What period of luger used a blued mag body with a wooden bottom? Any help you can give me on the holster or magazine would be greatly appreciated. thanks, runner

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The unit stamp (7./J.R.5.32.) on the front of your holster was applied according to German Army orders dated 1923. I would guess that 7./J.R.5.32. signifies: 7 Machine Gun Company of 5 Infantry Regiment weapon number 5.

The cleaning rod pouch and flap for the patch were added to reworked military holsters during the Weimar Era. (The latest new manufactured holsters to have this feature are dated 1934)

Blued aluminum base magazines were not introduced by the military until 1936. The blued wood base magazine is unusual and may be a steel body magazine that was blued by a local arsenal.
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