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Hello !
I have a few questions about LUGER pistols in different options
For each pistol I will mention a serial number and caliber , and a few pictures. I hope that You can help me with additional data on these pieces.
1. Swiss Luger 1906 in cal. 7,65 ,made in Waffenfabrik Bern :No. 22376 .
2. German G Luger S/42 in cal . 9mm Luger , No. 9934
3. German BYF 41 Luger in cal. )mm Luger , No. 2873

Again , thanks for any further information !
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Guma, welcome to the forum.

Lots of pictures would help...

Otherwise, all we can say is this;

Swiss, made by swiss
The G is made by mauser in 1935, there should be a suffix on the gun.
The byf is made by mauser in 1941, there should be a suffix on the gun.

More info, types of proofs, condition, etc is needed.

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