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I have had occasion recently to acquire a German Lugar from a guy whos father passed away leaving him this gun and another pistol. While I really wanted only the other pistol, I bought both from this man. The person I got this gun from had no information except that his father brought it home from WWII.
If anyone has any info and its approximate value of the gun and holster with tool and extra clip, I would greatly appreciate the help.
* Numbers on the left sid of gun - 2912, P.08- all parts on this side match the number 12
*Number on right side - two #135 next to each other on receiver near barrel, there are Nazi Eagle symbol above each numer and one forward of them
*On top or pistol receiver is #42 and mathching numbers 12 on the other moving parts
*Letters byf on top
*The length of barrel is 3 inches. The receiver barrel measures approx. 8 1/4"
* The holster has a small tool compartment on inside top flap with the tool inside
* There is a spare clip in a pouch on the front of the holster
* On the back of the holster is stamped KARL BUCKER
* To the right of stamp is a Nazi Eagle under eagle is WaA727

Again any info would be really appreciated

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Download Attachment: Web Gun Left.jpg

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Jaspas, you have a P08(Luger) made by Mauser in 1942 right at the end of their Luger manufacturing run. byf was the Nazi coded desination for the Mauser production in both 1941 and 1942 and I gues beyond for other weapons. Earlier codes used were S/42 and 42. If the pistol's magazines have the same serial number as the pistol, you have a real "find", if not don't worry about it.

The holster looks like a real nice one so don't f--- it up. Don't use any polishes or preservatives on it. The holster could fetch a couple of hundred bucks. Maybe more.

If the pistol is in as good shape as it appears I would offer you $600 to $700 at a gun show and try to sell it the same day for $1000. If both magazines had true matching numbers, I would sell the whole thing as a "rig" for about two grand.

Hope my offering helps. I would emphasize that you don't screw around with this gun other than to gently clean and oil it. Original condition is value, anything else becomes a "shooter".

Another thing, store the cleaned pistol in a zip-lock bag either inside the holster or near it. Don't put any weight on the holster.

Last, make certain that if the seller has any of his Dad's paperwork concerning this pistol that you keep it with the pistol. It adds value.

Oh, by the way, what the hell kind of pistol did the guy have that you wanted?

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Thanks so much for the information.
I have checked the magazines and the numbers do not match the gun, the extra one has xo37. I cant read the number on the tool.
Could you tell me what that tool was used for?
The pistol I wanted was just a .22 Smith & Wesson. I got both guns for $300.00 total.
Wow, did I get a deal.

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Jaspas, the tool is used both as a screwdriver, for removal of the grip screws and the firing pin, and as a loading assist to push down the magazine follower and spring while loading the magazine.

At three hundred bucks, you did quite well.

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IMHO I would be aware of putting leather or metal in a sealed pastic zip-lock. Depending on where you live, humidity could be a big factor. Personally, I would vacuum seal the collectibles.

I'm sure others have different opinions.

Nice find!!
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