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As Mr. Still pointed out in an earlier article, most WWII collectors specialize in Lugers, PPK's, P-38's and K98K's and other well known pieces. When one comes across an unusual piece, knowledgeable help is soliticed to uncover the mystery about this unusual piece.

I came across a drilling shotgun that was sent back to the states from WWII with a scope, according to the owner. It's a 16 gauge double barrel shotgun with a .32 cal.? centerfire below the shotgun barrels. The following information is stamped on the barrels - "Nitro" is on each side of the base of the shotgun barrels, "Paul Weiss" is engraved on the top left shotgun barrel, " SCHLIERBACH b/w" is engraved on the top right shotgun barrel. There are two hares engraved in high relief on the right breech plate and one deer engraved in high relief on the left breech plate. Both engravings are very nice and there is fancy hand engraved scroll work throughout the gun.
A scope " Hensoldt-Wetzlar Dialytan 4 X is attached on top of the shotgun. This gun is in very good condition.

I have noticed many markings under the barrel near the breech - S & ? ( couldn't make out the other letter as it's stamped lightly ), Crown over U, 7.8 MM over 5. In other areas under the barrel, Crown over N with 15gr. beside it, 1/24 over 535, Crown over W, Eagle over Crown / U, and a 16 inside a circle over 16/1. Also, there is a W y. on the bottom of the barrel.

On top of the barrel near the breech, there is the following - 52XX AH , on the opposite top of the barrel is Eagle over crown / U. In 3 or 4 places I have found the factory stamped serial number ( 52XX ) and also, the electro penciled serial number I assume was used to match the entire assembly - scope, shotgun, handguard ( inside) stock etc. The electric penciled serial number is 12XXX.

Any Information on this piece would be greatly appreciated !

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Schlierbach is also a small village in BW (Baden-Württemberg) and in Austria exists that village as well.
That seems to be the original owners name.

Would be good to see a picture of that markings.
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