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Inglis - fixed sight. - Serial # 1T1443

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This is a fixed sight Inglis, serial number 1T1443.

Since I had one that was blemished, I found another that did not have the blemish. It has only only one blemish which is that a part of the decal is missing. But a little bit more of the decal was missing. It is difficult to meet a happy medium.

Right side:

Download Attachment: 1T1443-a1.jpg
134.13 KB

Left side:

Download Attachment: 1T1443-b1.jpg
112.58 KB


Download Attachment: 1T1443-c1.jpg
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Rear view:

Download Attachment: 1T1443-d1.jpg
55.02 KB

Bottom view:

Download Attachment: 1T1443-e1.jpg
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These are not easy to find in this condition.
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You are right, I haven't seen many in near this condition. Those decals were so fragil, few have survived. Again, thanks for taking the time to share these pistols with us. I really enjoy looking at them.
Here is a photo of mine, Serial number 2T1737, the decal is long gone.

Download Attachment: chp.jpg
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