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I inherited a small gun collection because I'm a sometime shooter. The collection includes a Luger for which I've (hopefully) provided properly downsized photos below. I've done some research on this site over the past day or two (with a broad flourish of the hat to Ed Tinker!) but I still don't know if I should pass on (sell) this piece to a collector or if it's only valuable as a shooter. I'd appreciate any information you could help me with, especially its value. These are the markings I found with a 10X loupe:

- byf 41 P.08
- S/N 3220 (matching barrel 3220 with all other parts including the safety slide bearing the 2-digit no. 20 and no parts (without dismantling) bear any other no.)
- Grips seem to be made of black bakelite (no chips, gouges or scratches) and no markings or place to keep a set screw on the inside of the grip.
- Left side of barrel bears a VERY tiny eagle and the number 355 (or might be a poorly stamped 8 since it's on the roundness of the barrel.
- Under the S/N 3220 under the barrel is the stamped 883
- In front of the trigger guard is the number 3220 with some white paint in the 322 digits.
- under the safety arm is the word GESICHERT which seems to have had white paint in it at some time in the past.
- The front part of the toggle mechanism (pic 3 and 5) shows the deeply stamped eagle and swastika. It's very tiny but I can see the swastika using the 10X loupe.
- On the right side of the frame are two stamps - one is a tiny eagle(?)/swastika with the no. 855 below it - the other is a tiny eagle(?)/swastika with the number ,35 under it. Also beside that there is a worn (shallow) stamp of the eagle and swastika.
- On the right side of the barrel is a small stamp of the eagle and swastika.
- The mag has a black plastic bottom with no markings
- The mag bears the deep stamps XO, and below that a shallow stamp of the eagle with the no. 37 underneath, and the deep stamp P08,
- Another shallow stamp of the eagle with the no. 37 underneath it, near the top of the mag.
- There is a place to tie a lanyard just over the rear of the grip.

I'd sure appreciate help in assessing this piece. I have much higher resolution pics available if needed. Thank you very much for reading through.
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