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Just inherited a Luger from my father-in-law. WWII ETO. Have researched Internet for all available information, but unsure if it is correct. Would appreciate confirmation.
Description: Caliber: 7.62mm
Barrel Lenght: 4.75in.
Chamber Inscription: NONE
Toggle Inscription: DWM
Toggle Knob Type: round, knurled
Grip Safety: Yes
Stock Lug: NO Grip Type: Not sure of the wood, but its CHECKERED
Thumb Safety: FORWARD ON
Markings: Left side of frame near barrel a horizontal “N” next to what appears to be a crown also horizontal.
Left edge of the Extractor the same markings appear.
Serial number “58374” found on bottom of barrel near frame and on the frame directly under the barrel. All sub-assembly numbers match, i.e. “74”
I think it is a 1900-1906 commercial model. Am I correct?? Can anyone provide information on date and place of manufacture? It’s a shooter as it only has about 50% original blue and has some surface rust. Any other info would be appreciated.

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Hello David, I can help a tiny bit (I was the one that changed how your description looked, hope that was ok). You seem to have a Commerical version of the Luger, as it has a "five digit" number, it has no chamber inscription and its caliber is 7.65 mm (30 luger), in addition to the lazy "Crown N".


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Welcome to the board. It sure sounds like you have what is commonly refered to as a 1906 Commercial model in 7.65 mm or so called .30 luger. The DWM means Deutsche Waffen & Munitions Fabriken (German weapon and ammo factory) and it was located in Berlin, Germany.

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Your Luger was manufactured by Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken (DWM)Germany in about 1910-1912(sure someone has a better date). Its termed the 1906 Commercial(4 3/4 inch barrel)by collectors.

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Be400, I am interested in adding a pistol like this to my collection. Is this one for sale by any chance? Thanks, Jerry Burney

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