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So i picked this up from Joe Salter only because for $82 I could not withstand the urge. Obviously, the Pins are added by whomever But have been there many years.
Table Wood Flowerpot Bicycle part Wood stain

Brown Bag Rectangle Beige Luggage and bags

Gesture Wood Working animal Art Snout

Brown Sleeve Collar Bag Beige

My question is, these Holsters are all over the internet as PA 63 Holsters.
The stamp in this one appears to be 194x, if the PA 63 was a product of the late 1950s, adopted in 1963 I assume, what’s the story with these holsters?
I figured the screwback NSDAP membership pin was at least worth $82.

Any ideas where the double screwback eagle is from, I don’t recognize the “bar” going over the top. Of course the circular wreath is broken off.
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