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As to the proofs, for completeness I would note that the Imperial Army did not use either the eagle/N or the C/N on the P08 after 1910 and proofed the barrel, the reciever and the breech block with the hearaldic eagle. DWM and Erfurt Eagle styles vary slightly with some mixing of eagle styles on the DWM barrel and breechblock. (Still, Imperial Lugers citing "Instructions on Marking the Pistol 08 with an attached drawing", Berlin 1910; Haupstaatarchiv Abteilung IV Kreigsarchiv Munchen, File ASV 73/13

Would we call Imperial inspectors acceptance marks "proofs" or Waffenamps?

Proof is not a very exact term and originates long before the smokeless powder weapons in black powder weapons and alcohol ratings. One of the primary black powder barrel proofs is an "inspection proof." For whiskey supposedly 100 proof alcohol means black gunpowder will explode when soaked with the solution. That it will explode when soaked is true but I do not know if that is really the origin of 100 proof or a myth. (We just shook it up in a glass tube to see if it would draw a bead );)
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