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The terms, waffenamt mark, and nitro proof, are common usage.
You can call waffen acceptance marks, proofs;
and Nitro proofs, acceptance marks,
but it certainly would be confusing,
and most folks would not be certain what you are talking about.
Thus, when you tell me your pistol is proofed,
then, I would rightly assume you are referring to an E/N or C/N mark,
but you would actually mean a Waffenamt acceptance mark like E/WaA359.
Seems unnecessarily problematic to me.
Most folks understand proofs as proofs, and waffenamts as waffenamts.
Why not just call proofs tuna fish, and waffenamts cabbage?
It would be less confusing than intermingling terms.

It would seem particularly important for those who are visting this New Collectors Forum -folks new to collecting- to move forward using the more common, typical, and less confusing, terminology.
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