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Interarms Mauser Luger quality compared to original Lugers

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I have been thinking about picking up a interarms Mauser Luger and wanted to know peoples personal or otherwise take on the actual quality of the guns themselves. They look nice and they are good bit cheaper than many original Lugers. And many of them are still in new or fairly new condition. From my research it seems they were made using most of the same process albeit a little modernized. Would like to know if it’s actually a quality gun.
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IMO the quality is as good or better than original Lugers. The metallurgy had improved by the 1970's and there's no reason to believe that Mauser Parabellums weren't well made.
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I like the one I have. It is chambered in .30 Luger and always turns heads at the range...Bill
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Buy an original mis-matched and take it to the range to enjoy. I have found in the past that surface hardening on the frame rails and 'ears' (frame cams for raising the toggle as it recoils) doesn't exist on the new Interarms Lugers (lots of the indentation evident after shooting many times), and the sideplates' steel is softer than the original sideplates. If the metallurgy has improved it was not evident to me. In the past, I repaired two of these Interarm Lugers for a local doctor who shoots a LOT!
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I have one now. The fit, finish, and functioning is outstanding.
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