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Ive been offered a nib Mauser Interarms Swiss-style Luger in 9mm Para, with the American Eagle stamp.
It has the 6 in bbl, grip safety and a matching, as new original flap holster which came with the pistol. The Swiss grip is a bit disconcerting but the piece looks cherry. The guy asks $525.00 firm.
Is this a good deal? I would probably be shooting it, not keeping it in the safe the rest of my life.
I can find very little info on the Mauser Parabellum re-makes except they were made in the early '70's. Would appreciate some comments or info. Thanks, Dun.

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This sounds like a great deal for a new in box Parabellum. I paid considerably more for a very clean (4" bbl) example. I wouldn't hesitate on a deal like this.

They were produced from late 1970 til 1986. You might want to checkout the Luger Forum at: http://www.lugerforum.com/. I'm planning to purchase a copy of "The Mauser Parabellum" by Francis C. Allan. It's available for $30 ppd. from

Tom Heller
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Thanks for the info and the link. I registered over at the lugerforum.
The problem with Lugers... I find that I can't have just one!
Looks like I need to get a "restorable" P-08 that I can customise a bit.. always wanted one with ivory grips and some engraving.
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