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Pictured from my collection is an unusual 1940 Mauser Banner Toggle , German Military proofed Luger . The Luger is all matching , military style , E/655 , Asterisk proof on right side of barrel and The Dutch Safety mark " RUST " . C/U on left breechblock and left front sight . The gun is in 98 percent condition and has black plastic grips and black plastic bottom FXO mag . The serial # is 7218V . The Story is that in early 1940 the Dutch Navy ordered 1000 Lugers to be delivered in
October of that year . In May of 1940 Hitler invaded Holland and at that time 600 pieces of the contract had been completed . The finished guns were seized and routed to the German Armed Forces . The Luger pictured here is one of the remaining 400 frames that had been marked for the Dutch Contract , but not assembled . These frames were utilized to supply guns to the Germans . The serial range of this gun is interesting ? Any Comments ?
Thanks, Ron Heming
Also see " The Dutch Luger " Book by Martens and De Vries pages 147 and 148

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Thanks for your photographs and presentation of your 1940 Dutch Banner. Based on the photographs and presentation your Luger is marked as follows: E/655 on left barrel, and late test proof and asterk on the right barrel; E/655 E/655 late test proof on the right receiver and RUST safety marking.

The serial number 7218v is not in the previously reported serial range 2551v to 3254v (Third Reich, Lugers page 140)and the grips are plastic(wood previously reported). It is not possible to evaluate your Luger without a hands on examination. Keeping that in mind, I would speculate that your Luger was put into production later than the known group and the plastic grips were associated with this later production. A few scattered plastic grips are reported in 1940.
The below link contains information on the 1940 Banner Dutch German Army.
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Hi Ron,

This pistol's serial number is actually mentioned as one of the 'Dutch Banners' in 'The Dutch Luger'. Martens & De Vries report that 2655v was the first rerouted one.

It is suggested that the pistols beyond the range should have been part of the last delivery of 400 pieces, which was probably still in production at Mauser at the time (to complete the 1000-pistol order). Which pretty well suits your story (as it's from the same source :)

I have one of these also. The Date code is 1940, and the serial number is 31xxV. This also has the Eagle 655 proofs and Eagle Swastika proofs.
The grips are brown checkered wood.

I didn't realize what it was for some time until I found out what the RUST meant.

Mine is also in quite good condition with excellent blue and straw.

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Yes, all Dutch contract Lugers, made for the East Indies Army as well as for the Dutch Navy, have the word 'Geladen' stamped on both sided of the extractor.
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