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I had posted this luger on the forum - BC (before collapse). I thought I would re-post it. There were a few requests for addtional photos and I think I have added the ones that were mentioned.

It evidences that it has seen some use. The frame is navy (1917), the barrel and receiver is 1912 DWM, and the toggle unit appears to have been one unit which was renumbered to match.

There are various unit markings on the frame and magazine.

(The magazine is not numbered to the pistol.)

Left view - Serial No. 7204

Download Attachment: rework-2.jpg
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Left side markings - Serial No. 7204

Download Attachment: rework-9.jpg
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Download Attachment: rework-10a.jpg
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Download Attachment: rework-14a.jpg
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Download Attachment: rework-12a.jpg
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Right side - Serial No. 7204

Download Attachment: rework-1.jpg
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Right side markings - Serial No. 7204

Download Attachment: rework-13a.jpg
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Frame/barrel underside

Download Attachment: rework-11.jpg
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Download Attachment: rework-15a.jpg
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Download Attachment: rework-16b.jpg
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Download Attachment: rework-17a.jpg
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Download Attachment: rework-18a.jpg
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Grip markings - Serial No. 7204

Download Attachment: rework-3.jpg
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Download Attachment: rework-4.jpg
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Download Attachment: rework-5.jpg
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Magazine markings:

Download Attachment: rework-7.jpg
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Download Attachment: rework-8.jpg
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Charlie, that is interesting, hits just about all the pre-1933 interests, army, navy and police.

Would make a nice addition to any collection, I really like it, great pictures too.


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Following is a summary from the before hacked board.

Following is a summary of what has already been stated by cpw, Ed Tinker, Doubts, Ron Wood, George, and Klaus. I will add a little more information (some documented, some speculation) :

1. The three acceptance stamps and DWM style army test proof on the right receiver, 1912 date over the chamber; and the DWM style test proof on the barrel all indicate that the top of your Luger started as a 1912 DWM Army Luger, serial number 7204. The lack of haloes around the serial number and barrel gauge indicates that this Luger may have refinished at some point.

2. The 1917 date on the left frame rail and the Kiel Dockyard stamped W.K.17087 on the rear grip strap indicates that the frame was a completed Navy Luger issued from the Kiel dockyard during 1917 or 1918.

3. Sometime during the Weimar or Nazi Era the 1912 DWM top and 1917 Navy frame were united along with small parts. Then the serial numbers on the frame and some small parts were stamped or restamped to match the receiver (7204) to forum Ed’s Luger. This was almost certainly accomplished at a police arsenal. The restamping (or forcing) of serial numbers on the frame and other parts is typical of many observed reworked police Lugers.

4. Sometime between the end of World War I and 1936 (when the police ceased to stamp unit marks on pistols) the police stamped a P.G (or C).405. on the front strap and S.K.32. on the bottom of grip. Both of these were later Xed out and a U(with umlaut).68. was added.

5. By orders dated 1932 the serial number was stamped on the maim toggle pin.

6. By orders dated August 30, 1933 a sear safety was added to the receiver. However, a magazine safety was not added to the frame. As the magazine safety was discontinued in 1937, this might date the addition of the sear safety and assembling of the 1912 dated top to the 1917 dated frame..

Klaus identified the following unit markings:

W.K.17087: Werft zu Kiel weapon number no.17087. Stamped by the Imperial Navy during 1917 or 1918.
P.G (or C).405.: not identified, probably police. Stamped sometime during the Weimar or early Nazi Era.
S.K.32 (ex'd out) = Schutzpolizei Koeslin weapon no. 32 . Stamped sometime during the Weimar or early Nazi Era.
1. P.Al.II. = Police Allenstein II. Command (speculation) on magazine bottom. The magazine is not directly connected to the Luger. Stamped sometime during the Weimar or early Nazi Era.
U.68 with Umlaut = Location. Stamped sometime during the Weimar or early Nazi Era.
Note: the magazine (while numbered 2 and police) does not match this Luger.

This is an outstanding example of a Luger with its history marked in steel. It was a sidearm for the German Army, Navy and police and served its country during the Imperial, Weimar, and Nazi Eras.
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