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I got out a belt I had put away years ago when my waist got past a certain size and I realized carrying my Lugers around in a holster was a bad idea in the field.

So I got it out, and was reminded it came to me with a RZM 50 marked Hitler Jugend buckle with a silver finish over brass. The belt itself has a blackened steel keeper that might have been replaced as the stiching has been repaired (looks like a WWI/WWII repair). The belt has the smooth, finished side of BROWN leather inside and the outside is the rought-out finish that was dyed BLACK some time LONG ago.

It is marked "98" on the tongue (it's length in cenitmeters), and beneath the adjusting tab, it is stamped "VOGEL-CHEMNITZ", on the second line "JNSTANDSG." and under that, "1917". It could be 1915 as a wrinkle in the leather makes it hard to tell for sure.

At the other end, about three inches in from the keeper, on the inside of the belt is "PG Sud Ost" and under that, "1921". Of course the "Sud" has the little umlauts over the "u".

EDIT: Went outside in the sunlight and can make out a sideways stamping near the PG Sud Ost stamping that looks to be "SP" and under that, "Be..." after the e I can't read the next couple lower case letters.

So....to me it says it is a WWI Brown belt, utilized in the Weimar period for the Polizei and so blackened on the OUTside as per regulations. It had a different keeper put on at that time for some reason (weimar regulations again or a repair?), has been ID'd to the outfit in the above paragraph (what is that?) in 1921 for re-issue. What do you Polizei guys think it's telling us? Thanks in advance for any assistance...
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