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Is this Post war, or what.

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Note: Looks like a Geco marking on slide.
Is this a post war pistol?

Download Attachment: French MAB 22lr MYSTERY.jpg
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It started out as a MAB GZ and a copy was either sold or stolen by the Spainish which produced a terrible gun. It kept blowing up but the French issue was apparently a respectable shooting pistol. The 1968 GUN LAW put a stop to this model and hence are rarely seen today.
Didn't answer the question.
That Spanish pistol, Echasa, was made in late 50's.
So, the original question:
Is this French MAB G pistol post-war ?
I used to collect French and Belgian stuff before concentrating exclusivaly on FN. It is my understanding that these were indeed postwar and not prewar.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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